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The following is my own acount of what happend to me just weeks ago after I played the Ouija. Everything  is 100% truth and nothing has been changed.

Recently, I moved from south Georgia to Kentucky to live with my girlfriend and her family. While in Georgia I had purchased a Parker Brothers glow in the dark Ouija Board after watching "The Exorcist". I have always been interested in the idea of ghost, haunted houses,the Ouija Board and things of that nature. After buying the board i realized that it was a little harder to get it to work than I had thought so as a result it spend most of the time laying on my desk, unused.
   The house I was moving to was supposedly haunted and i had been over run with stories about ghost of children, dark black shadows,and spooky experiences. I found the stories fascinating but I still had my doubts. The house is a 2 bedroom, relatively small.


I had only been here  about a week and a half when the first incident occurred. My girlfriends mom, Sherry has leukemia and suffers from seizures. One morning she began to have a seizure. She began to complain that something was pinching her. My girlfriend ,( La'Donna) her younger sister (Kindra) and I stayed with her until she came out. When she fully awake she showed us pinch marks lining her arm and a bruise on her leg.
   We started to talk about ghost and the Ouija. Soon we had decided to try out my Ouija Board in the house. So, Sherry , Kindra and I sat down, placed our fingers on the board and started to ask questions. To my surprise the board worked...faster than I had ever seen it.The planchette was racing a crossed the board, spelling out answers. It told us that there were two spirits in the house. One good, the other evil.


     The Ouija Board then revealed that the evil sprit was one of a 6 year old boy named William. About two nights later we decided to play again. So La'Donna, Shawn (La'Donnas younger brother), Kindra and I lit candles and began to play about 1:30 in the morning. La'Donna and I  placed our fingers lightly on the planchette and began to ask if anyone would speak to us. Nothing happened at first. The planchette was still. We tried for another five minutes, asking if anyone was there and if anyone would speak to us. Slowly the planchette began to slide to YES. I asked who we were speaking to and slowly the word
D-A-N was spelled. I asked the board if Dan was in the house and it replied "I  C-A-N  B-E". It then revealed that it was it was in Boston Massachusetts and that it was the spirit of a 16 year old boy. I asked if any spirits were in the  house and Dan answered "I-M  H-E-R-E". I asked where and it spelled "I-N  S-H-A-W-N-S  R-O-O-M". Shawn's room is on the left side of the living room.
   We all looked at Shawn's room which was pitch black. There we noises coming from it, small creaks and scratching noises. Then we heard our small pickiness, Chad snorting and sniffing in the room.We called him out of the room and the board began to spell.  " L-E-A-V-E  
S-N-O-R-T-S  I-N  H-E-R-E  W-I-T-H  M-E." 
   La'Donna began to laugh and the planchette spelled out 
" F-U-N-N-Y". We asked what was funny and the planchette spelled " G-I-G-G-L-E-S". From then on it referred to La'Donna as Giggles.


  Dan explained that Chad (Snorts) was fun to play with and to our surprise the little dog began to play with someone in the darkness of the room. I decided to see just how real this spirit was. I asked Dan to show himself and prove his presence.  It replied
" C-O-M-E  I-N-T-O  T-H-E 
R-O-O-M" and informed us to leave the lights off and to leave Kindra in the living room.
  Reluctantly, Shawn, La'Donna and I entered the dark room and sat on the bed.

    The room was quiet. In the corner of the room was a small black shadow. We all stared at it for about a minute. Then at the far end of the bed something unseen sat down beside us and the pillow sank down where it sat. We were all shocked. We ran from the room, into the living room.


After about ten minutes we asked Dan if he had sat beside us in the room. The Ouija answered YES. We asked several questions after that. Often times the Ouija would spell out sentences without being asked a question or even ask us questions. Once it spelled out "C-A-N  I  P-L-A-Y " refering to the Ouija board. It asked us to return to shawns room. We lit the room with the candles and the Ouija asked that only one persons hands be on the planchette at a time. It explained that only La'Donna or I could play. So i placed my fingers lightly on the planchette and waited for it to spell a sentence. Several minutes passed. Nothing happend. La'Donna placed her fingers on the plachette and it suddenly came to life. " I  W-A-N-N-A   P-L-A-Y  W-I-T-H 
G-I-G-G-L-E-S" was its response. So I removed my hands from the planchette. It began to move with La'Donna alone. She took her fingers off. She was clearly scared.


  I was rather intruiged by the strange events that were taking  place so i decided to take it a step further. I convinced La'Donna to play again and asked Dan if he could touch a person. The planchette moved to yes. I asked if he would touch me. Dan refused. We decided to move to a more comfortable room, Mine and La'Donnas in the back of the house. We set the candles up around the room and began to play on the bed.
   I continued to ask the ghost to touch somone in the room. It refused to touch shawn and I but said that it  would touch G-I-G-G-L-E-S. I challenged it to. The planchette began to move to somthing but was interupted when La'Donna screamed, leap over shawn and I and ran from the room crying. We found her in the living room sobbing. She said somthing had touched her leg, somthing cold and clamy. She later described it as the feeling of cold mud.


    A few nights passed and we decided to try the Ouija again. This time I set my camcorder up on a tripod and recorded the session hoping to catch some of the manifestations on film. I began the session by asking if anyone was there. The planchette moved to YES. I asked who and the planchette spelled D-A-N. La'Donna and I exchanged glances.
    We asked Dan how he had died and his story unfolded. He explained that he had comminted suicide on valintines day of 2000 because his girlfreind had cheated on him with his dad. He also revealed that La'Donna reminded him of his girlfriend and that was why he wanted her.


Shawn started to look up a police report for the day of the boys death but the board said that he wouldn't find it. It asked me politely to remove my hands from the planchette and let it play with G-I-G-G-L-E-S. I refused. It became more insistent and seemed to get agitated when I continued to refuse its request. Shawn asked it several questions but it seemed to get angry with him. It told him to shut up. Shawn didn't stop. He continued to ask questions. The Ouija was definitely frustrated with Shawn. At one point Shawn asked it to show its self and it told him to walk into his room alone. The planchette moved down the numbers again but I threatened to stop playing. Its response was "F-U-C-K  Y-O-U S-T-O-P-P-E-D  M-E."
    We heard noises in the kitchen where it claimed it was. The argument between it and Shawn was heated however shawn did manage to get an answer to one of his questions. He had asked who would win the Kentucky game.
"K-E-N-T-U-C-K-Y".  Its answer was correct.
    The Ouija then told me that La'Donna was pregnant and the date in which my son would be born.It told me told me the exact night and sexual act in which my son was conceived. In shock I abruptly said Goodbye and tossed the board in its box. I walked out on the porch to get some fresh air. La'Donna followed asking what the board had said. ( she could not see the Ouija at the time.) I told her and we sat a few minutes discussing the session. Suddenly we heard a crash and shawn ran from the house. He said that it was time to leave. I walked in to find a porceiln angel laying broken behind the front door. It had flown some 13 feet acrossed the room and hit against the wall.



We fled the house only to realize that the car was low on gas and that the gas key was inside. So we tried to unlock the doors but mysteriously the door keys didn't work anymore. Shawn broke in the window but the gas key had disappeared. We left without it but not before I hit record on my camcorder.
     When morning came we returned to the house to find that the door keys worked again. We all piled up in ,mine and La'Donnas room and watched the two hours of tape. Although no entities were captured on film the dog went wild, whining and howling like a stranger was in the house.The house was filled with a strange silence that morning. Later Sherry returned and we told her of our incident and we agreed that a break from the Ouija would be the best thing to do. So we took one.
   About two weeks later La'Donna, Kindra and I played. It seemed that Dan was the only spirit that we could contact. Once again he was frustrated, only this time it was with Kindra and I. He threatened Kindra and mocked me by calling me "Dad".  It counted down the numbers again and at one point something touched the back of my head twice. A cold wind seeped through the room. We stopped playing.


The following night was possibly the scariest night of my life. I was laying on the couch watching tv while La'Donna was reading Ouija Board storied from various sites on the internet. She joined me on the couch. She began to act strange. She looked at me and began to laugh for no apparent reason. She didn't look like herself. Her skin was pale and her eyes looked bulged. Her grin was different. She wrapped her legs around me so I couldn't move. I found myself looking for a small bible that I had seen laying in the living room. Suddenly her face straightened to a strange stare and she replied " The Bible wont help you."  I  broke free and and went to the porch. She followed laughing. When I returned inside she sat on the couch and gave me a blank stare for close to fifth teen minutes. All of the sudden her personality changed in a spit second. She was back to normal. Later she told me that she had not felt like herself and that she had heard a deep laughter in her ear. She heard the laughter once again before the night was over.


After that night many small things happened. One night Shawn awoke complaining about something scratching his back. When he got up there were claw marks on both sides of his back. He had been in the room alone. One morning I was laying in the bed waiting for La'Donna to get back from the store when I heard someone walk in the room and stand at the foot of the bed. I lifted my head to see an empty room. A lamp has flew off of a dresser and a candle holder has flew from on top of a tv. Lights have turned on and off on their own. We didn't not play the Board for a few weeks after these incidents.
    When we did finally decide to play again another manifestation occurred. The Four of us were sitting in the candle lit living room. Shawn had said that he no longer believed in the Ouija Board or the spirit Dan who was released into the house. He challenged the ghost to touch him as it had La'Donna and I. The board agreed to do so. We waited. Suddenly a strange look crossed Shawn's Face. He lifted his shirt to reveal a long fresh scratch mark lining his back. He went about his business while La'Donna and I began to play the Ouija Board.
    The Board spelled N-O  B-A-B-Y. I asked what it meant. It then spelled W-H-A-T  Y-O-U W-E-R-E  T-H-I-N-K-I-N-G.
Miscarriage had crossed my mind only seconds before. Then it spelled the word. Dan revealed that La'Donna Had suffered a miscarriage after  lifting the front of a small clothes dryer while I was gone. I had no idea she had lifted it until the Ouija told me. I asked La'Donna, who could not see what the Ouija was spelling and she told me that she had indeed lifted the dryer. This session and the ones following it taught us that Dan was not only able to move objects and touch people but also to read minds as well.
     Not long after that night Shawn and I decided to play the Ouija again despite La'Donna's disapproval. We sat the small glow in the dark Ouija on his bed and placed our fingers on the planchette. To my surprise the planchette slowly began to move as we asked questions. It never worked very well before without La'Donna present. The spirit who called himself Ivan, explained that it was searching for its wife's grave in a near by graveyard. We asked the name on the grave and the board spelled Shirley Anne. The spirit told us that if we found the grave that it had the power to make all the spirits leave the house. Eagar to drive out Dan we agreed to find the grave. We told La'Donna about the deal and reluctantly she came with us.
  It was about 2:30 in the morning  when we walked into the graveyard armed with nothing but a small flashlight. We walked for a little while until we came a crossed a headstone laying face down, probably knocked over by the local teenage boys. We decided to flip it over. It was heavy but the three of us managed to roll it over face up. We shined the light over the name SHIRLEY ANNE MASON that was etched into the marble headstone.
    Their were few exciting Ouija sessions following this. We found that the spirit known as Dan had not been removed from the house,however in early October the spirit announced that he would be leaving.Despite our questioning it refused to say why or where it would go. The house has been normal every since.


  A week before Halloween at about 1:30 in the morning Shawn and Icarried the Ouija Board and two candles to the graveyard. It was a cold night. The air was still and quiet. We scouted around until we found a small flat rectangular grave. We placed the board on the grave and lit the candles. The planchette came alive nearly as soon as our fingers were placed on it. We asked for the name of the spirit and its respone was "Us". I asked who "Us" was and the board replied, " In the distance a man hears a faint cry and it is us." I asked where the spirits were. " A-L-L  A-R-O-U-N-D  Y-O-U." There were noises... sounds of walking and movement. We turned to see nothing. Just the shillouettes of headstones against the hills. Shawn asked the spirit to predict somthing. We watched as it told of the fall of the united states in 2003 and the death of the president.
  Next we asked the spirit to show its self. It asked in what form. Shawn suggested a bird because it was so late. The board spelled  L-I-S-T-E-N. Everything  was still and quiet. Then a bird began to churp beside us. It seemed to be flying around us. The board spelled " A  C-O-L-D  W-I-N-D  I-S
M-E."  Suddenly a icey cold draft surrounded Shawn and I. The heat from our breathes, which had not been visible before was now visible. The Board insisted that we leave the grave yard. I asked why. The board told us that somone was comming.I asked who. It replied " G-O". Once again I asked who but the Planchette jerked from under our hands. We ran from the graveyard.
   I cant really explain my facination with the Ouija board. I am not into witchcraft or devilwhorship. What I do know is that these were some of the strangest experiences of my life and I wont forget them any time soon.       
                                                                     -Kelly Redfearn




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